Inspection and Measurement


Measurement and Inspection Equipment

HOYA GROUP OPTICS DIVISION implement the following
measurement and inspection equipment to follow with our QA process according to the needs from the customers.

Our Main Measuring Device / Evaluation Device

Reflected wavefront measurement / Transmitted wavefront measuring device

G102 Fizeau plan interferometer (Fujifilm)

Surface texture measurement

NewView™ 8200 (ZYGO)

Transmitted wavefront measurement
(Shack Hartmann)


X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

EDX 7000 (Shimadzu Corporation)

Transmittance measurement device

UV 3600 Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Corporation)

Geometry measuring instrument

Shape measuring inspection (Nikon)

Reflectance measurement / Transmittance measurement device
(Variable incident angle/Large specimen/Polarizer 240nm-2600nm)

U 4100 Spectrophotometer (Hitachi)

Infrared transmittance measurement (Fourier transform 1μm-25μm)

Inclusion Analysis

FTS 3000 (Agilent Technologies)

Striae inspection equipment special order (Visible/IR)

Degree of eccentricity

Auto Collimator (Nikon)

Striae inspection equipment special order (UV)

Schlieren striae inspection equipment (Mizojiri Optical)

Optical microscope

Microscope (Nikon)

Laser thermal expansion meter (2nm Minimum resolution)

LIX-2 (Advance Riko)