Optical Filter Product List

We sell not only colored glass filters, but also filters that have been coated on white crown glass or optical glass substrates.
Please refer to the comparison of colored glass filter and coated filter as follows.

Colored Glass Filter / Coated Filter Comparison Table

ItemColored Glass FiltersCoated Filter
SubstrateHOYA materialHOYA material or others
TransmittanceDepends on the material properties of colored glassCharacteristics can be adjusted by coating
ThicknessAffects transmittanceDiverse thickness options since transmittance isn’t effected by the thickness of the substrate.
Absorption/ReflectionTo be absorbed (reflected approximately 8% when its non-coated)To be reflected
Angle of IncidenceSmall influenceLarge influence
PolarizationNot affectedMay be affected
Colored Glass Filters ListCoated Filter List

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