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Electro Optical Glass

Spot UV Light Sources

UV curing for optical parts
UV curing for optical communication modules
UV exposure in small area
Sealing / protective coating of liquid crystal display module
Bonding of liquid crystal display panels
Bonding of photo disks
UV curing for electronic components
UV curing for optical parts
Experiments / Analysis using UV fluorescent
Optics unit
Optics unit
Magnetic head
Magnetic head
Optical pick-up
Optical pick-up
EXECURE 4000-D • Flexible Layout Vertically or Horizontally.
• Large reduction in apparent power. Compatible with world voltages.
• More Convenience. Easy Filter Setting.
• Long life time at top levels of the class.
• Input of irradiation conditions is simple. Can be checked at a glance.
UL750 • Balanced high power and long life.
• Compatible with various applications.
Light Guide
ライトガイド We have an abundant experience in the total process of developing light guides.
Please consult us concerning your needs, such as shape and length.
レンズユニット Various lenses are designed and developed to meet the growing and diverse needs.
Please consult us concerning your needs, such as irradiation area and UV intensity.
フィルター By cutting the wavelength which are not used in UVcuring, the heat damage of the work can be reduced. Our unique system makes installing and removing the filter simple.
ファイバーガード Fiber Guard
An accessory to attach to light output side of the light guide.
Fiber guard prevents any Stains or dust adhering to the light output side.
  紫外線遮光メガネ UV Protective Glass
UV light protect glasses provide complete eye protection by blocking out harmful UV light.