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HOYA Optical Technology Evolves YAG
Laser System HSL-4000II Series / HSL-5000II Series
Convenient high-quality laser requires the kind of reliability and compactness that HSL-4000II and HSL-5000II Series YAG laser systems faithfully deliver. Just ask of the operators of over 2,000 units sold worldwide.
HOYA applies leading optical technology to design and make these systems supremely stable and consistent at handling laser output in a wide range microprocessing applications, including LCD and semiconductor repair requiring superior precision down to the submicron level.
The HSL-4000II Series and HSL-5000II Series each offer a lineup of six models to suit range of processing requirements.
HOYA also makes specially customized units for even more specific processing requirements regarding wavelength, maximum laser output energy, maximum peak power, pulse width, etc.
The networks of HOYA service centers in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China is dedicated to providing speedy, comprehensive customer support.

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