Colored Glass Filters


Explanation of Glass Characteristics (Transmittance Glossary)

Sharp Cut Filters and Inf rared Filters (W series)

Sharp cut filters include our new series (W series) whose transmission threshold wavelength is replaced with λτ0.5 and that is predicated on the internal transmittance.
The conventional sharp cut filters have been compliant with domestic standards, and the W series is available to meet the needs of the world markets.

Newly specified specification values
Glass type Specifications on the catalog (thickness: 3 mm)
Threshold wavelength Absorption range High transmittance range
λτ0.5 τ <1×10–5 Depending on glass type
W-L420420±5 nm<360 nm>0.93
>530 nm
W-Y435435±5 nm<370 nm>0.92
>520 nm
W-Y455455±5 nm<390 nm>0.92
>530 nm
W-Y475475±5 nm<410 nm>0.92
>550 nm
W-Y495495±5 nm<430 nm>0.92
>560 nm
W-Y515515±5 nm<440 nm>0.93
>580 nm
W-O530530±5 nm<460 nm>0.93
>600 nm
W-O550550±5 nm<480 nm>0.93
>620 nm
W-O570570±5 nm<500 nm>0.93
>640 nm
W-O590590±5 nm<520 nm>0.93
>660 nm
W-R610610±5 nm<540 nm>0.94
>690 nm
W-R630630±5 nm<550 nm>0.94
>710 nm
W-R645645±5 nm<560 nm>0.94
>720 nm
W-R665665±5 nm<580 nm>0.96
>750 nm
W-R695695±5 nm<610 nm>0.96
>780 nm
W-R715715±8 nm<630 nm>0.96
>810 nm
W-IR760760±8 nm<680 nm>0.97
>880 nm
W-IR780780±8 nm<690 nm>0.97
>900 nm
W-IR800800±8 nm<710 nm>0.97
>920 nm
W-IR830830±8 nm<730 nm>0.97
>950 nm
W-IR850850±8 nm<740 nm>0.90
>950 nm