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Laser Systems / Equipment
Our integrated light-emitting solutions serve a wide range of manufacturing needs.
Laser Oscillators

Our laser oscillators, which are exceptionally stable in operation, accommodate various wavelengths so you can select the optimal one for your manufacturing specifications.

We help customers use HOYA laser oscillators for repair of FPD (LCD, PDP,Organic EL, etc.) manufacturing process defects, as well as micro-processing analysis and processing in semiconductor manufacturing.

Our development processes involve close consultation with customers, so we can take particular account of operating environments and how they relate to light emission.
UV Products
UV Products Our UV curing technology serves a broad range of applications including optical communication, exposure of semiconductor wafers, sealing or bonding of LCD panels and photo disks, curing of electronic components and optical parts, and examination using UV fluorescent light.

Designed for manufacturing line integration with high controllability, our UV irradiation system is comprised of a high-performance UV light source, quartz fiber light guide and front-tip lens, for efficient irradiation of a specific area and high intensity.

Based on many years of assembly experience, our light guide technology can design for customer's needs with high quality. Our original fusion technology of fiber bundling fulfills high heat resistance, high transmission efficiency and high density.

Our product lineup includes a uniquely broad range of optional lens units and accessories to suit customer's needs.
Electro Optical Glass
We manufacture and provide high-quality and special glass for a broad range of optical, electronic and industria applications worldwide.

Various colored glass filters for photographic, optical, scientific/chemical, educational, industrial and medical applications are designed to respond to customers' demands.
Color Glass Filters
We manufacture and supply many specialty glass substrates HOYA Group has developed over the years.
Especially a variety of electronics glass are available to meet today's demands of electrical/electronics industry.
Fiber Light Guides