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Active engagement in environmental protection for our future
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Active engagement in environmental protection for our future

Total customer satisfaction through R&D activities with our available technology, and through a product range made possible by cutting-edge technology are two of the essential tasks for our activities. At the same time, environmental concerns are drawing attention worldwide as an important factor to access a company's stance toward the community.

Already at an early stage HOYA CANDEO OPTRONICS started to set up a structure to provide solutions to quality and environmental issues. Our efforts were rewarded, and we have been successful in acquiring the ISO9001 Quality Management System in January, 1999 and the ISO14001 Environment Management System in December, 2000.

What contribution can we make as a member of the community for the affluent future - our challenge continues.
Certificate  of  ISO9001
Headquarters / Toda Factory ISO9001 CERTIFICATE SGS ISO9001 SGS
Certificate  of  ISO14001
Headquarters / Toda Factory ISO14001 CERTIFICATE SGS ISO14001 SGS