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1. Flexible Layout - Vertically or Horizontally.
Horizontal installation is now made available, in addition to the traditional vertical installation.
Replaceable operation panel adds to the layout flexibility.
By devising the internal structure, system adjustment for altering the installation orientation is no longer necessary.
Of course, its top-class compact body remains unchanged.

2. Large reduction in apparent power. Compatible with world voltages.
The apparent power has been largely reduced by installing newly developed power-factor circuits.
The load on electrical equipments of production line has been reduced.
Additionally, the worldwide voltage range, from 100 to 240V AC, is automatically adopted.
This supports the accelerating global production base.

3. More Convenience. Easy Filter Setting.
A new system of our original has been adopted to make the filter setting much easier.
The filter setting can be promptly adjusted to cope with the change in production line.
Removing a spacer enables the use of a light guide with F14mm inlet ferrule.

4. Long life time at top levels of the class.
Long life time at top levels of the class is ensured by installing the 200W Mercury-Xenon lamp, specially developed for the EXECURE series.
This supports the reduction of running costs.

5. Input of irradiation conditions is simple. Can be checked at a glance.
The input and confirmation operations of the various irradiation conditions, i.e. aperture level, program patterns, etc., are simple, utilizing the RS485 communication functions.
As information can be input while it is confirmed on a computer screen, the risk of malfunctions from operator settings error is greatly reduced.
Model EXECURE 4000-D
Power supply AC 100 - 240 V    50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption (*1) 250W (260VA)
Lamp 200W Mercury - Xenon Lamp
Lamp model 200MX (200W)
Lamp Life (*2) 3000 (hours)
Initial Intensity 4000 mW / cm2 (*3)
Main Remote Functions
• Lamp ON/OFF
• Shutter OPEN/CLOSE
• Mechanical Iris OPEN
• Mechanical Iris CLOSE
Main Remote Functions
• Lamp ON / OFF
• Shutter OPEN / CLOSE
• Lamp READY
• Mechanical Iris MAX / MIN Location Detection (*4)
• Various Alarms
• Lamp Usage Time Detection
Key Lock Function
Operating Circumstance
0-40 °C
Dimensions (mm)
(excluding the dimensions of protruding parts, i.e, switches)
145 (W) × 300 (H) × 245 (D)
Weight Approx. 8.5 kg


This is the standard value when used with AC 200V.
We guarantee the lamp will stay lit for its life time if the device is utilized properly.
This is the standard value when used together with FGS5F1000UV - HT4.
(Irradiation distance 10mm: measuring equipment used: UIT-150 + UVD-S365)
(In case of EXECURE 4000, installed vertically)
The signal is outputted when the mechanical iris is positioned at either MAX or MIN. It is not possible to monitor the position of the mechanical iris.