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Laser Systems HSL-4000 II Series / HSL-5000 II Series

Installable on equipment ranging from repair systems to inspection.
Thanks to HOYA’s technological integrity and experience producing over 2,000 laser repair system units,The HSL-4000II Series and HSL-5000II Series units feature high operating reliability and can be installed on a wide range of LCD laser repair systems and inspection systems.
HSL-4000シリーズ HSL-5000シリーズ
Laser System HSL-4000series   Laser System HSL-5000series
Vibration-resistant laser head
Ultra-rigid material makes the frame twice as strong as a conventional model’s frame.
X-and Y-direction movement performance is stable and secure..

High-temperature variation tolerance laser head
   • Resonator structure employs then double linear bush system, reducing optical path variation.

High-accuracy laser output variable system
Reduces mechanical backlash.
Linear variable output is realized through the software.

High-accuracy electrical slit

Electrical spot marker on the monitor display defines the corrected laser cutting position and area.
Reduces mechanical backlash for high repeatability linear operations.

High-accuracy laser output
  PFN method utilized in laser power source.

Multifunction control box
For all necessary operating functions.
For ways of processing conditions can be memorized using memory button.

Maintenance ease
Easy lamp replacement.
Newly designed chiller (for HSL-5000II) allows replacement of purifying water and filter without use of tools.

HSL-4000II Series (Forced-air cooling system)
HSL-5000II Series (Water cooling system)
Laser Wavelength (nm) 1064 532 1064 532 532 355 1064 532 355 532 266
Maximum energy
output (mJ/pulse)
12 8 5 4 3 2 1.2 0.8 2 1
Maximum peak
power (MW)
1.7 1.1 0.7 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.17 0.13 0.3 0.2
Pulse width (nsec.) 8-6 8-6 8-6 7-5 8-6 7-5 8-6 7-5
Rep. rate [HSL-4000] 1 ∼ 6Hz        
[HSL-5000] 1 ∼ 20Hz      
 [HSL-5500] 1 ∼ 50HZ (*1)
Square slit Electric XY / Max. 3 mm square
Output variables 0-100% (200 steps)
Min. processing size
(when x100 lens is
used) (µm)
2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 0.5
Max. processing size
(when x10 lens is
used) (µm)
300 300 300 150
300 150
300 150
Functions Wavelength switching / Repeat frequency setup / Laser shot count setup / Output variable by jog dial / Slit variable control by joystick / Attenuation filter / Laser shot button / Process recipe memory (max. four conditions) / Guide light control/Error code Indicator / Emergency stop button / Key switch
Interface RS-232C
Usage AC 100V (with earth) 7.5A
Dimensions Laser head (mm) 120(W) × 335(H) × 148(D)
Control box (mm) 230(W) × 105(H) × 185(D)
Laser power
supply (mm)
350(W) × 145(H) × 420(D)
Chiller (mm) 350(W) × 173(H) × 356(D)
Guide light
source (mm)
76(W) × 120(H) × 235(D)
Cable length 3m (*6) for each (laser head cable, control box cable, air-cooling hose (*4), water-cooling tube (*5) and AC cable)
1m (chiller unit control cable), 2.7m (guide light fiber)
:Please contact us for more detailed specifications.
Processing size when ×80 lens is used.
Processing size when ×20 lens is used.
Standard HSL-4000II Series units.
Standard on HSL-5000II Series units.
Optionally available except for 3m
レーザ光 ご注意
This product has safety countermeasures that comply with JIS-C6802 [Radiation safety standards for laser products].
For more detailed technical information, specification sheets or technical materials, etc. are available upon request.
Specifications are subject to change without notices.