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Laser Scanning Unit

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Laser scanning unit (LSU) is generally used in information input/output devices (laser printers, digital copiers, and etc.), inspection equipment and measuring instruments.
LSU (Laser scanning unit) The LSU is composed mainly of a semiconductor laser circuit, a polygonal motor, and a scanning lenses. The optical technologies we have been cultivating for many years enable us to provide a wide lineup of products, such as compact, multi-beam, tandem and on-demand types to meet a wide diversity of needs.
Comact & Multi Type
Upon a new optical system exclusively designed for a small polygonal motor , high performance (good resolution, compact size, small noise ) are realized in a reasonable price.
Also available in a high-speed range with multi-beam.
Comact & Multi Type Comact & Multi Type
Tandem Type
Enable to make color printouts at high speed with a single polygon motor and the first f-theta lens which is common for optical path.
This is unique optical layout provides high printing performance and reliability in its compact size.
Tandem Type Tandem Type
On-demand Type
Ultra-high speed and high resolution are required for commercial digital color printers.
With a suitable configuration of precision f-theta lenses and multiple laser over ten beams controlled highly accurately, this responds to the needs in the high-end commercial printing market.
On-demand Type On-demand Type